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Much like many others, I’ll be putting any threads not related to the group event on hold. I do apologize as many of you have been waiting weeks for those replies, but I promise I’ll get to them promptly after the event has ended!

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                      “ Why of course I’m eager!
                                 New planet, new experiences!”

     Amelia chuckled softly. She had changed 
         from her usual Captain attire into a more 
         casual blouse and light breeches.

                      " That does sound truly exciting!”

     She turned to retrieve a lighter dress, beaming as she
     rummaged through her bags. To think that she had
     only just arrived on this new adventure and already
     met someone from another world —! Her soul felt like
     it was full of fluttering butterflies at the very notion.

                      “I’ll tell you what I know of 
                             this planet if you tell me about yours!”

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Aurora set her bags down on the nearest 
bed she could find, a content sigh falling  
from her lips as she drew the curtains to 
marvel at the view. This island truly was a
paradise — and the best part was that she
had convinced her parents to let her travel alone! 


            ❝ How splendid! 

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"Yoo hoo!
                    Anyone in there craving to ‘hit the beach' ? “ 


Amelia was beyond excited to try some of this 
     Earthling entertainment, 
so she was knocking
doors at random.

My, aren’t you eager?
                                       Allow me to get changed.”

Aurora had barely finished unpacking her things
        when the knock came at the door, but there
        wasn’t any possible way that she could say
        ‘no’ to such enthusiasm!

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Summer is in full swing and it’s time to cut loose and relax. All characters, through a mysterious donation, are being swept away on an all-expenses paid trip to a just as mysterious beach resort on the beautiful Hawaiian island, Maui. 

                                       The Available Rooms

All characters have been booked into 3-Bedroom Grand Villas that house up to 11 people each. In the first bedroom, there is one (1) king-sized bed. In the second and third rooms, there are two (2) queen-sized beds. And finally, in the living room, there is one (1) sleeper chair. If there are less than 11 people in a room, then those characters do not have to share beds so long as there are enough beds available that each can have their own. 

                                       Available Amenities

Each bedroom and the living has a flat-panel television and DVD player. Three (3) full bathrooms. A full kitchen that includes dinnerware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, a microwave, a toaster, a stove, a full-sized refrigerator, and a dishwasher. Coffee maker and tea service. A private laundry area with washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board. Free wireless internet access. An in-room safe. And an extra-large, private balcony with outdoor seating. All rooms have an ocean view.

                                       Room Assignments

Under the cut are the room assignments. Because there are 11 people to a suite, sharing beds will be necessary for all beds except the sleeper chairs in the living rooms. Numbers 1 & 2 will share the king-sized bed in the first room. 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8, and 9 & 10 will share the queen-sized beds in the second and third rooms. Number 11 will sleep in the sleeper-chair. 

Couples were paired together as best as possible. Others were placed using a list-randomizer. Switching rooms or who your character will share a bed with is possible, so long as all people (muns) involved in the switch have come to an agreement and the mods have okay-ed the switch.There will be no switching rooms or beds once the event begins. ***Sunday is the last day to pull a character from the event if the mun wishes to only have one character participate.***

Please note —- Characters that are listed as on hiatus have been included if their hiatus ends sometime during the event. Characters whose hiatus extend past the event have not been included.

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-releases spiders into your hair-

you fucking salmon



"Look —— all I wanted was a cookie.”

            ❝ You may have a cookie after the feast has ended! ❞

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weeds aren't flowers, nasty hoe


at least i don’t have crusty bunions on my toes bitch

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if I wear shoes then how will flowers bloom beneath my feet?

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✍ ((queen bitch demands you give her art))


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