As you might have seen, this blog is no longer affiliated with CDRP. Aurora kind of popped up as an unexpected muse one day but unfortunately she didn’t stay very long. I’ve enjoyed writing with those I had the pleasure of threading with — so thanks for making Aurora’s short time here lots of fun!

I’ll keep this blog up just in case a muse for her ever comes back, but for now, consider this blog inactive. 

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This is inspired by a post I saw floating around that I unfortunately can’t find anymore — but I like the idea that Aurora is an insomniac. After being cursed, it makes sense that she would find sleep discomforting for fear that she might lapse into another comatose state.

This applies to all verses, but of course, her modern self just has an odd case of insomnia rather than it being a side effect of a traumatizing experience.


alovelyflower ╎


   ❝Oh, don’t look at me like that. ❞

   She’s scolding her own reflection
   who has put on a rather knowing
look. Mary, of course, will have
   none of that from anyone  –– her
   own reflection least of all! Her
   reflection only  continued to grin.  

   ❝If you won’t stop this ridiculousness
   now –– ❞

   Aurora would have gone about her day like
   any other had she not spared a moment to
   glance at the woman speaking. She stopped
   short once she came to the realization that
   there was no one nearby to whom this woman
   could be reasonably speaking.

   ❝ Pardon me but, whomever are you talking to? 

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"Well I’m done with the feast.
              ——It’s the rest of you slow pokes that are holding it up.”


          ❝ Believe me, I’d like to help myself to those cookies as well,
                but we must be courteous and wait for everyone to be finished! 

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So shall I start calling you blowjob queen? ;^D

you will not speak of this to anyone

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Much like many others, I’ll be putting any threads not related to the group event on hold. I do apologize as many of you have been waiting weeks for those replies, but I promise I’ll get to them promptly after the event has ended!

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                      “ Why of course I’m eager!
                                 New planet, new experiences!”

     Amelia chuckled softly. She had changed 
         from her usual Captain attire into a more 
         casual blouse and light breeches.

                      " That does sound truly exciting!”

     She turned to retrieve a lighter dress, beaming as she
     rummaged through her bags. To think that she had
     only just arrived on this new adventure and already
     met someone from another world —! Her soul felt like
     it was full of fluttering butterflies at the very notion.

                      “I’ll tell you what I know of 
                             this planet if you tell me about yours!”

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Aurora set her bags down on the nearest 
bed she could find, a content sigh falling  
from her lips as she drew the curtains to 
marvel at the view. This island truly was a
paradise — and the best part was that she
had convinced her parents to let her travel alone! 


            ❝ How splendid! 

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"Yoo hoo!
                    Anyone in there craving to ‘hit the beach' ? “ 


Amelia was beyond excited to try some of this 
     Earthling entertainment, 
so she was knocking
doors at random.

My, aren’t you eager?
                                       Allow me to get changed.”

Aurora had barely finished unpacking her things
        when the knock came at the door, but there
        wasn’t any possible way that she could say
        ‘no’ to such enthusiasm!

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