"Look —— all I wanted was a cookie.”

            ❝ You may have a cookie after the feast has ended! ❞

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weeds aren't flowers, nasty hoe


at least i don’t have crusty bunions on my toes bitch

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if I wear shoes then how will flowers bloom beneath my feet?

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✍ ((queen bitch demands you give her art))


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   Don’t text and board, kids. You might just
   slam into the most popular girl in school,
   resulting in you flipping to land on your
   back and a very pretty and disoriented
   blonde landing on her butt.

   ❝ Shi——! I am so
      sorry, oh God, I——!


Never thinking that simply walking down 
the street could be hazardous, the girl was 
caught completely off guard, landing with
a crash onto the pavement.

❝ That’s—ow—that’s okay! We both
weren’t watching where we were going. 

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Summer was Rapunzel’s favorite time of year. Always bright and sunny,
it also made staying indoors for lessons nearly impossible. Rapunzel was
thankful that at least here, she wouldn’t have to stay indoors for lessons.
She might even be able to get away with spending next to no time in the
castle. If her parents allowed it, that was.

                               ❝Oh yes, the plums smell lovely!

Pulled from her reverie, she watched as the basket the blonde held was filled
with the ripe fruits. Her mouth watered and Rapunzel remembered that she
hadn’t eaten anything since early this morning… 

                                          ❝I would love to!❞

She laughs awkwardly, her parents had probably wanted her to have Lady
Bellum or Maxwell with her to explore the village, but she’d darted off before
they could make that suggestion. Rapunzel appreciated everything they did,
but if they’d accompanied her, she probably wouldn’t have been able to leave
her shoes behind a bush. Or talk to this woman. 


                               ❝I think I know what you mean…❞


Judging by the way the young woman eyed the contents of her basket,
Aurora could already tell that they’d make quick work of the fresh fruit. 

            ❝ Wonderful! 

Offering the woman her arm, she started down the street with her
guards not far behind, though they knew to keep their distance and
to respect the princess’s privacy. As much as she had protested the 
idea of being constantly watched as if she were a meek little rabbit,
she truly did not mind having a few extra pairs of hands to help her
with her daily tasks.

            ❝ They can be rather protective —
               but at least I always have someone to talk to!
               Though it’s so nice to be able to speak with
                                   someone different for a change. 

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About Mun


Name: Reesa
: That is a nickname
Age: I don’t know about youuu but I’m feelin’ twenty-twooo
Birthday: February 1st
Orientation: bootysexual


Favorite Color(s): purple and mint
Least Favorite Color: anything neon
Favorite Food: edamame, mushrooms, olives, kale, & oreos (one of these things is not like the other)
Least Favorite Food: bacon ick
Favorite Band/Artist: Beyonce. Or Adele. 
Least Favorite Band/Artist: Iggy Azalea
Favorite Type of Movie: Animated or Action
Least Favorite Type of Movie: Horror omg nope get them away
Things you can’t get enough of: Shoes <3
One thing(s) you hate more than anything: Aw jeez I hate a lot of things um…the college “partier” mentality. Like, no one cares if you got so wasted/high last night and I’m all out of medals to give you.


Are you single?: yup
Do you have a crush on anyone right now?: Yes and his name is Jason Momoa
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: Various drawings from my friends. I love when people take the time to really personalize a gift like that. 
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Only if the person has pockets stuffed with money.
Do you fall in love fast?: Nah.
Do you ever make the first move?: No, I’m too chicken to do that.
Do you want to get married?: Sure.


A daydreamer? You have no idea.
Talkative? Depends. If the conversation turns to Disney or feminism you probably won’t be able to get me to stop talking.
Energetic? Depends, I guess.
Happy? Ish?
Depressed? Yeah, it happens.
Caring? I think so!
Trustworthy? If we’re friends and I respect you, then yes. 
Confident? Mostly
Friendly? Yup!
Sarcastic? Hooo boy yes
Dependable? Yes
Adaptable? Yeah?
Emotionally strong? I like to believe I am!
Religious? Sort of
Indecisive? Depends
Outgoing? lol nah
Nosy? Oh god yes
Lazy? I can get that way, unfortunately.
Artistic? Hecky yes
Thoughtful? Yes
Considerate? Yes
Romantic? Eh
Obsessive? Sadly
Sincere? Most of the time yeah.

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                            ❝ Might be your last. ❞

             ❝ Yeah, but — okay, just, don’t step there. ❞
                               ❝ On that branch. ❞

            ❝ Come now, this branch is perfectly sturdy — — ah! 

The sharp snap signaled her doom, and 
before she had time to absorb what had 
happened, she had landed into the shrubs.

            ❝ Oh dear — is the bird safe? ❞

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The sound of her bottle hitting the surface of the bar was more satisfying than she could ever remember. Surely rum was not her favorite beverage nor was any alcohol. However, when you are at sea with nothing but men surrounding you, a drink every once in a while relieves the stress that comes along with it. 

Her attention was taken by a ruckus towards the front of the tavern. It took a moment for her eyes at assess the situation. Once she realized it was a woman that was being bothered by the regulars of the tavern or so she assumed, she decided to intervene. Elizabeth rose from her chair and made her way over to the drunkards that were terrorizing the young woman.

Surely, you all have something far more productive to be attending to. Or shall I speak to your captains and ask them myself?



Though the men surrounding her were speaking, their words went unheard
by the absolutely petrified woman they intended to terrorize. Her eyes darted
wildly from place to place. Faces blurred and blended into the scenery until
the entire tavern was nothing more than a swirling mass of bleak colors. Try
as she might to hold in tears, she couldn’t keep her eyes from misting —
effectively weakening her senses further. 

Just as she was sure she could not endure their pestering any longer, a face
came into focus. The woman spoke and, just like that, the men surrounding
her began to trickle away while muttering curses and complaints about this
woman ‘ruining their fun.’ One man stayed, however, and his hand still 
happened to be gripped around the princess’s wrist.

With newfound courage in the presence of an ally (and with a sureness that
she could handle one rowdy drunk much easier than an entire gang), Aurora
turned to direct a stony glare at her captor.


            ❝ I suggest you heed the lady’s words!
            Your friends had enough sense to do so. ❞

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"It’s wonderful, isn’t it?" Ariel interrupted, walking over to stand at the blonde’s side. The redhead had been taking a solitary walk along the shore, as she liked to do at least once a day in order to get away from the craziness of being Queen, when she spotted the woman near the water’s edge. Ariel decided on a whim to go over and introduce herself, as she was always up for making new friends. 


"I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this view." 


Aurora turned to the woman with a start.
So enraptured was she by the view that
she hadn’t stopped to think she may not
have been alone on the beach — but the
shock on her face soon melted into a grin.

            ❝ I haven’t any idea how you could get tired of a view like this!

A wave rolled past her feet and she chuckled
as the shifting sand danced between her toes.

             ❝ It’s magical.